Cherry Picker and Virtuemart 3

June 11, 2014

From the techinal side this is one of the most exciting updates.

First of all Cherry Picker for Virtuemart (both versions) have been upgraded to fully support Virtuemart 3. This means you can now use CP on a wide spectrum of configurations of Joomla from 2.5 to 3.3 and Virtuemart from 2.x to 3.x

But the most thrilling news is that when you use Virtuemart 3 with either Cherry Picker PT 3.8 or Cherry Picker CF 2.8 you will no longer need to update any files in order to make filters work!. No more Virtuemart core hacks, no more product.php updates, no more headaches after each Virtuemart update!

We've been able to achieve this in collaboration with Virtuemart developers by imporving the Virtuemart search integration with third-party plugins.

In addition to that there are a few new options added:

  • You can now order filters displayed in front-end according to the order specified in Fast Seller.
  • Look-up filters in subcategories (available beginning from Virtuemart 3). There has been many inquiries for this. When you're in parent category you can make Cherry Picker pull filters from categories below and even search the products while still being in the parent category.
  • Search by stock. Display a new "In-stock" filter that will display only those products that are currently available.

Also Cherry Picker now supports Joomla layout templates. That allows you to create custom Cherry Picker layout overrides that will be persistant even after Cherry Picker udpates.

And of course there many bug fixes and more subtle improvements.

Update in License Agreement

June 11, 2014

We updated our License with a new entry concerning Domain Names.

Please note that some extensions may require an activation and the Activation Key could be obtained from My Account.

New terms effect all existing users.

Cherry Picker for HikaShop

May 8, 2014

Cherry Picker extends its footprint to other territories. After gained the widest popularity among Virtuemart users it's time to bring the same experience to the HikaShop shopping cart.

We made our best to provide a complete port of the most advanced version of Cherry Picker to date — the one using Product Types.

This means that the HiksShop users will get all benefits including dynamic filters update, trackbar parameters, color filters, quick-refine fields, HikaShop manufacturers filters and many more.

Cherry Picker for HikaShop comes bundled with Fast Seller. Installation and set-up of modules and components is straightforward and simple — there is no need to edit any files. And all the aspects concerning filter creation are just the same as for Virtuemart, as a result many of the useful FAQ topics are applicable to HikaShop too.

Best Trackbar on the market

January 30, 2014

Cherry Picker has received the best Trackbar API you could find for Joomla! / Virtuemart.

Unique and rich API allows us to create really amazing things with smooth behaviour and unique character for any shopping cart.

Price trackbar (and Parameter trackbars if you are using the Product Types version of CP) became virtually alive bringing completely new user experience.

Available range

No more blind selections. You will always see an avilable range of matching products and the selection will surely return found products.

Tick marks

The usage of tick marks improves visual consistency of a trackbar: you can see how many values are there available for selection or how rapidly the values will change (for example with knob move by 1 step the actual value of parameter can encrease by 1 or by 100).


Minimum, maximum limits of a trackbar can be marked with according text labels. This way user gets to know the bounds of provided range.

Hovering knobs

There two basic kinds of knobs: a regular round knob and a hovering one. The later can contain any text: either static or dynamic and can be styled to have any looks.

Mobile devices

With mobile devices having become ubiquitous in our lives, support for mobile browsers and touch events is a must. You can expect that you customers, either they are using desktop computers or mobile devices, will equally be able to navigate your site without frustration.

Cherry Picker Update

December 20, 2013

It is another maintenance release of both versions of Cherry Picker PT v3.6 and CF v2.6 with a few bug fixes, notably for parameters that are represented with trackbars.

Also starting from this version there is no need to replace router.php anymore.

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