Cherry Picker Update

November 11, 2013

This is a maintenance release of both versions of Cherry Picker: using Custom Fields (version 2.5) and using Product Types (version 3.5).

This update includes numerous bug fixes and is recommended for users to upgrade to this version.

With BETA status we also added an ability to include Category and Manufacturer-specific price adjustments. Since this is an experimental feature we would like to hear your feedback on using it.

Virtuemart 2 Taxes Management

Quick-refine — new wonderful option

August 29, 2013

We at Galt team always aim to provide you with Cherry Picker the most innovative features. We care about performance — the search should be as fast as possible. We care about UI — it must be responsive, meaningful and simple to use for your customers. And today we present a new option that adds to the family of Cherry Picker rich UI a new possibility to quickly refine filters, and is called accordingly — Quick-refine.

What makes so special about it? Continue reading to find out.

Deeper integration between Fast Seller and Cherry Picker

August 29, 2013

With this update to Fast Seller 2.3 you can now set individual options for Parameters. You can now choose whether you want certain parameter to show up in filters, whether you want to show Quick-refine, choose default state: Collapsed or Expanded. Also you can choose to use See more.. and its size for each parameter or to use Scroll — a new way to Hide long lists of filters.

Cherry Picker Update

July 19, 2013

New update for Cherry Picker using Custom Fields 2.3 and Cherry Picker using Product Types 3.3.

In this update we fixed some issues related to filtering by Manufacturers. Also we further improved handling of special chars in filter names and their appearance in URLs. And there is a bunch of other numerous small fixes.

Cherry Picker native support for Virtuemart Manufacturers

June 9, 2013

Hi guys. Exactly as the title says -- we added Virtuemart 2's Manufacturers to both Cherry Picker Custom Fields v2.2 and Cherry Picker Product Types v.3.2 versions.

So now you can filter by Manufacturers in different layouts, globally or just in current category, by single manufacturer or by multiple manufacturers out of the box.

Please note, since with Cherry Picker we are able to apply multiple manufacturers (unlike Virtuemart, where you can apply just one manufacturer) you'd need to overwrite product.php with updated file for your Virtuemart version.

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