Load filters from under See More.. with Ajax

May 16, 2011
Save considerably on queries for regular page load.
May be very useful for sites with large number of Possible Values.

ChP Update

May 7, 2011
The core was entirely rewritten in compliance with Model–view–controller architecture.
Also, you'll find some new features:
1. You can now easily switch between Vertical and Horizontal positioning within back-end:
2. New option to add applied filters to the document's <title> meta tag. Pay attention to the page title when filtering products in Demo section.
3. If you like to use Collapsible/Expandable Headers, you may find useful the new option to choose the default state of filters when page loads: expanded or collapsed.
4. Hide Parameters that turn out to have only one filter when filtering:
And a few other things that you'll notice in chp's configuration menu.

Manufacturer Filter

February 11, 2011
New section "Downloads" has been added, which features a module that allows filtering by Manufacturers (all downloads are free).

Caching algorithms added

December 4, 2010
The nature of high quality filters requires a variety of SQL queries to be made.
ChP features the most optimized queries with high performance.
But a large amount of products and a diversity of Parameters with its plenty of Possible Values–it all, purely mathematically, can do some impact.
For such reasons we’ve implemented a caching algorithm, that will fight such challenges. ChP may now be blazingly fast, with only hundredth of a second of load time disregarding the number of products.
You may choose whether or not to use caching through the back-end option.

New interactions

September 13, 2010
1. Collapsible/Expandable Header.
With new option you may now enable filter groups to be Collapsible/Expandable, by clicking on their header.

2. Search by Price: Trackbar
Using the Trackbar makes filtering by price more interactive, comfortable and quicker.
The Trackbar in use by Cherry Picker is custom made.
This means there is no other library loaded to a web browser (neither Mootools nor, especially, jQuery).
We care about page load speed, and the trackbar.js file's size is only 3.5 KB (comparing to ~100 KB that some developers use to achieve similar interaction).
Which is really nice; and we're convinced, that using javascript only where it's really needed and brings benefits is important.
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