Fast Seller 2.2 hofix

June 9, 2013

We updated Fast Seller 2 to version 2.2 that includes a hotfix for an issue that sometimes you could have seen duplicate filters on Availble Filters list when assigning filters to products.

Cherry Picker and Fast Seller Update

May 28, 2013

Cherry Picker using Product Types v3.1 and Cherry Picker using Custom Fields v2.1:

In this update for Cherry Picker we fixed an issue of special chars in filter names (like "Age: 5+" or "Screen: 16 Inches & Up") being improperly encoded in URLs when Joomla SEF is enabled.

Fast Seller v2.1:

Fast Seller update fixes similar issue with special chars in filter names. Plus, we improved UI response time when there are a lot of filters available on the list.

Maintenance releases

April 28, 2013

This is the maintenance release for Cherry Picker and Fast Seller focused mostly on minor bug fixes and some new options. Here is a list of noticeable changes:

  • Fast Seller 2.0.2: fixes an issue for the sites running on Windows Server.
  • Fix: when using the Dynamic Update option and after loading product results, remove &tmpl=component that's being added to the 'change number of products on page' form (Cherry Picker for VM2 both CF and PT versions).
  • Change: now filters in CP will be sorted.
  • New option: decide if you don't want CP to show up in Virtuemart root category (virtuemart_category_id = 0)
  • New option: transliterate color names to be used as CSS classes in Color Palette (for example: "GrĂ¼n" will be "cp-color-grun") (CP using Product Types).

New release: Cherry Picker Product Types 3.0 and Fast Seller 2.0

December 25, 2012

We have prepared this simultaneous update of our both extensions because they share a lot in common. In this update we've taken Product Types one step further. For this reason these updates are for Virtuemart 2 only.

Cherry Picker Product Types 3.0

As promised, this version of CP includes all new features from the recently updated Custom Fields version.

We would just like to mention that because of inherently better organization of Product Types in Database you can, as always, expect better performance from this version of CP.

It still provides you with ability to have filters represented as actual Colors or have products filtered by ranges of filters with Trackbar.
Color palette filters have been slightly redesigned.

New release: Cherry Picker Custom Fields 2.0

December 4, 2012

We are really happy to announce the major update to the Custom Fields version of Cherry Picker.

New version 2.0 introduces something really cool. And we are eager to share it with you.

Increased performance

Cherry Picker can now travel with the speed of light. It updates results almost in no time, and here is why.

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