Cherry Picker for HikaShop

May 8, 2014

Cherry Picker extends its footprint to other territories. After gained the widest popularity among Virtuemart users it's time to bring the same experience to the HikaShop shopping cart.

We made our best to provide a complete port of the most advanced version of Cherry Picker to date — the one using Product Types.

This means that the HiksShop users will get all benefits including dynamic filters update, trackbar parameters, color filters, quick-refine fields, HikaShop manufacturers filters and many more.

Cherry Picker for HikaShop comes bundled with Fast Seller. Installation and set-up of modules and components is straightforward and simple — there is no need to edit any files. And all the aspects concerning filter creation are just the same as for Virtuemart, as a result many of the useful FAQ topics are applicable to HikaShop too.

Filters set-up

Despite the fact that the set-up is easy we would still reflect the steps below for newcomers who decide to use filters for their HikaShop store for the first time. So, once you have access to extensions, all you have to do is:

  1. Install all extensions.
  2. Publish Cherry Picker module into a working position and select All pages for display. You do not need to configure anything inside it as it comes already pre-configured and ready for use.
  3. Enable "HikaShop integration with Cherry Picker" plugin in Joomla Plug-ins manager.
  4. Create filters in Fast Seller. There is a tutorial that is built in Fast Seller interface that explains the routine.
  5. That's it! Once you create and assign filters in Fast Seller the filters will be displayed in front-end right away with your products ready to be filtered.


Cherry Picker comes ready for use for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x

You can use it for any version of HikaShop beginning from Starter Edition and up.

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