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Question: Using Color and Trackbar filters in Cherry Picker with Product Types and Fast Seller

As you probably know, version of Cherry Picker with Product Types and Fast Seller enables us to have filters represented as colors:

and select ranges of available products with trackbar:

Let's see how it's easily set up.

To choose which kind of filters to use go to Fast Seller and in Create Filters tab select any Product Type to see its Parameters. From here you can select different parameter Modes: default, Trackbar with 1 or 2 sliders, Color:

So, you have selected "Mode: Color". You can create and assign color filters like usual: Silver, White, Red.. But in order for a filter to appear as actual color you need to specify its CSS style. The CSS classes are formed from the color title. Here are a few examples:

Silver = .cp-color-silver

Red = .cp-color-red

Yellow = .cp-color-yellow

You are now free to declare any styles you wish: it could be either solid backgrounds or gradients or images:

.cp-color-silver {
  background: #C4C4C4;
.cp-color-red {
  background: -moz-linear-gradient(center top , #53D76B, #32B75C);
  background: -webkit-gradient(linear, center top, center bottom, from(#53D76B), to(#32B75C));
.cp-color-yellow {
  background: url('yellow-gradient.png');

You can add these styles either to Cherry Picker's CSS file (which one depends on the layout chosen) or your template's one.

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