Issue: Choose filter, but results do not update

Virtuemart 2

There could be a few reasons for that:

  1. You have just installed Cherry Picker or updated Virtuemart and the file product.php was overwritten.

    In any case check this thread for pre-edited and ready-to-use files. Get a proper one for your Virtuemart / Cherry Picker version.

  2. You are using filters outside of categories. Also you are using SEF. In this case you need to use this router.php file. Get it from here and overwrite the original.
    (This is not relevant anymore in Cherry Picker version PT 3.6 and CF 2.6).
  3. You are using Joomla Cache. And even though you apply a filter and URL changes, Joomla returns the same page from cache. Try disabling cache in "Joomla > Global Configuration" and "Joomla > Extensions > Plug-in Manager > System - Cache".

    If this works, the obvious solution would be either to keep Cache OFF or to use a tool like this Cache Control and exclude Virtuemart from using cache.

  4. This concerns a Cherry Picker version using Custom Fields. You might have not been fully accurate when using this manual and specified custom fields' Title with spaces, like "sales color". Note, that it must be without spaces, like "sales_color".
    (This is not relevant anymore in the latest versions of Cherry Picker. You can have spaces in custom field names and Cherry Picker will process them correctly).

Virtuemart 1.1

This could only happen if you have enabled option in Cherry Picker config to use Short-URL format, but you have not edited the files according to readme.

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