Fast Seller

Fast Seller is a component for Joomla.
Fast Seller

Fast Seller is aimed to make the process of managing filters fast and easy.

Virtuemart is great for its support of filters. But the way Product Types, Parameters and assignment to the products are organized in back-end is unintuitive and scattered all over the interface. Not only this, but also the time it takes to open products over and over again is wasted in vain. And it's a lot of time if we talk about couple of hundreds of products in the store.

These are the problems we are targeting with Fast Seller to resolve.

Fast Seller is being installed as any other Joomla Component. It works beside Virtuemart causing no collisions or problems to it, and not vice versa.
You do not need to configure anything or apply any hacks before having it working—simply install it & use it.

All steps of filter creation are grouped under one simplistic interface. With it:
  • Create (Edit, Delete) Product Types;
  • Create (Edit, Delete) Parameters;
  • Assign filters to products.

Video shows key differences between Fast Seller and Virtuemart:

Main features:
  • Using FS enables you to have filters working on any possible combination of Joomla and Virtuemart;
  • Responsive interface;
  • Easy to edit Product Types;
  • Easy to edit Parameters on a single page where parameters are represented as tabs;
  • Search field and Refine pane help you quickly find the products you want to edit;
  • Batch editing: select multiple products and assign product type or filters to all of them with a few clicks. And save them all together with one click.
  • When assigning or deleting a product type filters are being loaded or deleted instantly without page reload;
  • All sorts of customizable pop-ups and product info windows which are of help to you;
  • And more..
And this is the video of demonstration:

It is important to note what Fast Seller cannot do yet (Update. It is true only for Fast Seller 1. Starting from version 2.0 you can do all these):
  • You cannot assign more then one Product Type to a single product. Note, we're talking about Product Types, like Books or Laptops or Car parts. Normally, you should never need two and more PTs for a single product.
  • You need to have filters defined for a parameter. In Virtuemart you could leave Parameter Values field empty, and then enter values for each product by hand (not by selecting defined filters).
If any of these points is crucial for you (and literally stops you from using FS), please let us know about it via email.

Fast Seller version differences

There are two versions of FS:

  • Fast Seller 1. It is for Joomla and Virtuemart 1.1.

    Demonstration >>

  • Fast Seller 2. It is the new version and it is for the latest versions of Joomla! and Virtuemart 2
    There are quite a lot of new features that you can learn here that appeared in FS2.

    Demonstration >>

Browser support
Fast Seller is guaranteed to work with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE9. In IE8 an lower there may be not all features supported.

If you are a developer and doing a site for a customer and you know he'd need to create filters for products, Fast Seller may be a great tool to make the process smooth and simple for the customer.

Save your time! Mange filters fast with Fast Seller.
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