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Issue: No results when Parameter's Value has apostrophe or quotes (Example: Men's Clothing, or Screen 42")

Reason: Please, check the link of this filter. Most likely apostrophe (or quotes) get escaped in the link and has a following look:
...product_type_1_clothing=Men\'s Clothing...
A desired look:
...product_type_1_clothing=Men's Clothing...
A possible reason might be in server configurations. Specifically, MAGIC_QUOTES should be set to OFF.

Issue: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /your/site/root/www/administrator/components/com_virtuemart/html/shop_browse_queries.php on line XXX

Reason: Cherry Picker Multi allows you to select many filters from each Parameter group. But Virtuemart expects only one filter, according to configuration.
To solve this, make sure you have in all of your Parameters "Show Possible Values as Multiple select" checked "On":

Issue: Manufacturer Filter refines products regardless of the current category

..but shows results from all Categories.
To fix this, add these few lines to shop_browse_queries.php, the ones that are between comments: new and end.

Question: Embed "Add to compare" into product form for Compare Desk

The only manual edit required in Compare Desk configuration is the one to embed "Add to compare" checkbox into product form.

Question: How to make price search include taxes (VAT)

In order for Cherry Picker to include existing taxes (VAT) or discounts you need to choose in CP configurations a respecting option:

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