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Question: Hide Categories when filtering

In Virtuemart 2 when using filters you may wish to hide displayed categories:

It usually happens when you use filters on the homepage. In this case there is no any particular category id present in the URL and Virtuemart "decides" to show all available categories you have in the store.

Question: Using Color and Trackbar filters in Cherry Picker with Product Types and Fast Seller

As you probably know, version of Cherry Picker with Product Types and Fast Seller enables us to have filters represented as colors:

and select ranges of available products with trackbar:

Let's see how it's easily set up.

Question: Preparing your template for Dynamic Update of results

Please choose the corresponding section for your Cherry Picker version:

Cherry Picker Product Types v3.10 and Cherry Picker Custom Fields v2.10 and newer

With new Cherry Picker versions there is no need to manually edit any files. But you may need to provide your template's CSS selector for a component element. Cherry Picker will try determine it automatically, but if it fails, it will present an alert with a corresponding message. In this case we strongly advise that you use developer tools like Firebug to inspect your website HTML markup

For example, in this template we can see that "#main" is the element that wraps all Virtuemart products

All that remains to do is to provide its ID in CP configurations:

Older versions

There are two steps that we'll take to make sure this feature is fully working.

1. Check that your template has component.php file.

Let's take for example default Joomla template beez_20. It has the file we need:


Question: Show Product Type values on Product Details page in Virtuemart 2

We'll edit this file:


Note that if you are using a Virtuemart template, you might need to edit the file that is in your template directory instead.

Question: How-to create filters using Custom Fields in Virtuemart 2 and Virtuemart 3

Complete process consists of two steps:
  • 1. Creating Custom Fields (CFs); and
  • 2. Assigning values to products using already created CFs.

Please note, there are some features that are absent in ChP for Custom Fields (mostly from this demo category). Such as the ability to filter by parameters with trackbar and color palette filters.

For using Custom Fields you'd need to install a version of Cherry Picker that has a "CF" suffix: cherry_picker_cf.

We will be working in this section of Virtuemart (BTW, it's a complete filter structure that provides this demo):

(images are clickable)

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